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Iris Intelligent lighting solutions – system components

Iris Intelligent lighting solutions

Key Features of our Technology

  • Complete Managed Lighting Ecosystem - a suite of products from Hardware (the addressable ballast) to the middleware (the embedded web server), the client software (Graphical User Interface) and the server components offered under a single umbrella.
  • The only company in the world to offer multi wired ( KNX/DALI/ DMX) to wireless ( 2.4/ 868 MHz/ 802.15.4) based protocols and power line communication. Only technology provider for lamps of 600W-2000W
  • Only technology provider for integrated power line communication from 400W to 2000W
  • Backward and forward integration possible with multiple powerline chip vendors
  • Used across lamp types -High Pressure Sodium Vapour/ Metal Halide/CDM-T
  • Captures future upgrades
  • One box integrated solution

Multi Luminaire Choice Diagram

Energy Savings of 30-50%

Research & Development

  • IRIS has strong in-house Research and Development capabilities.We have successfully completed product validations upto 1000 watts.
    We currently have several products and applications in the R&D pipeline.

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