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Who benefits from IRIS Products?

  • Manufacturing & Process Industries across Engineering, Cement, Textiles, Chemical, Fertlizer, Pharma, Metalsetc
  • Core Sector Projects such as Power, Steel, Mining, Refineries & Petrochemicals
  • Infrastructure Projects like Airports, Ports, Railways, Roads, Material Handling
  • Streetlighting Systems in Municipal Corporations & Industrial Townships
  • Security Lighting Installations such as Border Lighting & in Industrial Complexes
  • Floodlighting of Outdoor Hoardings
  • City& Building Beautification Projects Commercial
  • Complexes such as Shops & Malls with HID Lighting

Some of our key customers are

Customer Value Proposition

  • Retro Fit Solution (wattage available from 35W to 2000W)
  • Energy saving of 30% - 50% from efficiencies (PF>0.95 & THD<10%), dimming and remote management
  • Uses existing power line for power & data transmission - no separate cabling required
  • Suitable for multiple lamp types - HPSV&MH - fewer stock types
  • Reduction in sanctioned load - Extend lighting to more area with saved energy
  • Lower maintenance cost such as better inventory managment and improved maintenance scheduling
  • Delivers rated power to lamp irrespective of input voltage - increased lamp life
  • IP65 protection-impoves ballast reliablity
  • Maximum cable length to lamp - industry leading specs - provides flexiblity to mount lighting controller at easily accessible location or away from high temperature zones
  • Ease of energy audit and consequent authentication of carbon credits
  • Increased safety & Security in public areas



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