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Iris Energy® Private Limited (IRIS) was founded in 2009.
IRIS provides Remote Management Solutions for High Intensity Discharge (HID) Lighting Applications such as in Street lighting, Plant & Area Lighting, Infrastructure Projects, Architectural Lighting & Sports Lighting – that allows control, monitoring & maintenance from a central location and gives 30%-50% energy saving over the traditional lighting controllers.

We are the pioneers in offering a complete Managed Lighting Ecosystem - a suite of products - from Hardware (the addressable ballast) to the middleware
(the embedded web server), the client GUI (the software) and server components under a single umbrella. We are the only company in the world to support multiple wired (KNX/DALI/ DMX) and wireless (2.4/ 868 Mhz/ 802.15.4) protocols and data transfer using powerline technology.

A wide range of industry clients using IRIS Energy products include those from Manufacturing & Process Industries, Core Sector & Infrastructure Projects,
Municipalities & Industrial Townships, Shops, Malls & City Beautification Projects.

Iris Energy® is located in Pune, Maharashtra and has its R&D Centre & Factory at Wagholi, Pune district.



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